We don’t tend to read up on a cinema before we visit, but if you do look at any online reviews of Odeon Surrey Quays, you’ll get a pretty fair picture of what to expect. Whilst we didn’t see any mice, the building was pretty dirty and unkempt: gaffer taped chairs and blocked toilets being particular lowlights. This was especially disappointing considering the discouragements we had gotten past in order to make it at all! Without a car, it’s pretty difficult to reach comfortably unless you live very close by. Even Google Maps doesn’t seem to know where it is, taking me on a circuitous route from the tube station, via the dreary Surrey Quays shopping centre. My mood wasn’t helped on arrival, as my sore feet had nowhere to rest in a foyer without any seating at all, save a couple of terrifying electric massage chairs. Room was taken up with a mini games arcade, as low on punters and the cinema, some standard pic n mix and a milkshake bar (which was at least a novelty with its chocolate bar flavour selections).

On the plus side, the staff were very friendly and the film was surprisingly good. Before I Go To Sleep is a suspenseful thriller based on SJ Watson’s novel and starring Nicole Kidman as an amnesiac whose recent memory is lost and reset every night. Trying to find her way through this situation with her was disconcerting and tense. Having not read the book, I for one was completely unable to guess which of the people around her was telling the truth, who to fear and what the final twist would be. A bit of a potboiler (although not half as daft as Gone Girl, which has a similar people-aren’t-what-they-seem premise and came out around the same time) Before I Go To Sleep is elevated by excellent performances from Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Anne Marie Duff.

Unfortunately the cinema itself and the general experience were pretty poor. Unless you live right next door, you’d be better off jumping in your car or on the bus and heading to the O2. We’ll let you know why next week…

Combined scores:

How comfy were the seats? 4/10

How good were the snacks? 7/10

How nice were the staff? 7/10

How sticky were the floors? 1/10

How great was the ambience? 4/10

Average: 4.6/10

How much did we like the film? 7/10