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A small diversion took us to Regent’s Park and the Open Air Theatre at the start of September. With so many open air cinemas around London these days, we felt we had to try at least one. With so many to choose from, of course we managed to pick a day when the heaven’s opened and it felt more like November than 1 September! But in true British fashion, we stuck it out with raincoats, scarves, waterproof shoes and brollies to watch Breakfast at Tiffany’s as the sun went down.

The Luna Cinema http://www.thelunacinema.com/ certainly puts on a good show. VIP tickets, photo competitions and live music to match the film would have added much to an already magical location had it not been for the terrible weather. The film was only slightly spoiled by people manically taking photos of Audrey Hepburn (why on earth would you want a grainy picture off a screen when you can get the same from a quick search online?) and I managed to get past the damp to enjoy watching an old favourite in the Park. Colin’s assessment summed up the evening however: ‘Holly Golighty? What a drip…’